Throat cancer and your health

Throat cancer is one of the most common, and although detected early healing expectations are 90% in most cases the disease takes to be discovered, so it is important to know a little more about it, your symptoms and risk factors. Here explain what the early signs of throat cancer are and give you all the basic information about this disease.

The throat cancer can start in this area and extend to the vocal cords, larynx, esophagus, the lower part of the neck, etc. Once you leave this area and is spreading to other organs of the body the prognosis becomes more complicated, hence the importance of detecting it early and stop their advance.

A major risk factor in this type of cancer is the habits and environmental factors. Smoking and chewing snuff and excessive alcohol consumption are decisive, but also the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is a major cause of this cancer. Transmitted through oral sex is a major factor.

Most throat cancer patients are men over 50 years. Eliminate consumption of snuff, regular alcohol intake, eating a healthy diet and using protection during oral sex are the main recommendations to prevent it, however if you are active or passive smoking annually is recommended to go to a doctor for a review of discarding.

The main symptoms of throat cancer are:

  • Loss of voice or hoarseness that does not improve after 1 to 2 weeks of treatment 
  • Sore throat, even after taking medication does not improve after 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Pain and discomfort in the neck that may be accompanied by lumps in the area 
  • Cough may become bloody at times 
  • Strange sounds and difficulty breathing properly do so can cause fatigue and tiredness 
  • In more advanced cases difficulty swallowing and weight loss

A significant number of cases of throat cancer is complicated by not being detected in time, hence the importance of reducing or eliminating risk factors, comprehensive health checkups once a year and visit a doctor at any sign or symptoms.


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