Gangrene and your body health

Gangrene is a life threatening conditions that occurs when tissue of the body dies permanently. 

Gangrene and your body health

Causes of gangrene
Blood circulation is an important role in the body organism. In the circulation process of blood contains oxygen and nutrients which are delivered power sources of body. The gangrene is caused by loss of blood supply to a body part that can be external: skin, or Internal: organs, muscles. As a result, this area suffers tissue death so there is no longer outstanding. The area affected by gangrene is detected by bluish / black area, fishy smell of the wound and the loss of sensitivity.

Any kind of conditions which create obstacles of the blood flow to our body is increases the potential risks for gangrene, also included:

Trauma or injury
Peripheral arterial disease
Reynaud’s phenomenon 

Types of gangrene

Primarily there are two types of gangrene are seen, those are dry gangrene and wet gangrene.

Dry gangrene:
It is common types of gangrene are seen to people who are suffered in autoimmune diseases & diabetes. Mostly affects to feet or hand.

Gangrene and your body health

Wet gangrene:
Wet gangrene is found in people who are injured or burns their body in accident. Not to proper blood circulation gangrene affects the injured parts. Wet gangrene is also seen three types: internal gangrene, gas gangrene & Fournier’s gangrene.

Treatments of gangrene

All treatment of gangrene is urgent because the more time of evolution persists, worse prognosis. Generally, you must remove the dead tissue to prevent infection and allow healing of the surrounding healthy tissue. Whatever the treatment, it will require hospital admission and, depending on its severity, a stay in an intensive care unit.
The surgery is very common for cases of gangrene. The goals of this treatment are: remove dead tissue and try to repair the vessel or improve blood flow.

Depending on the level of impact on the circulation and the ability to recover the bloodstream, they can exert two kinds of surgery: the amputation is the removal of the affected body part, this procedure is performed when there is no possibility of recovering the circulation, and the skin graft is the application of healthy skin from elsewhere on the body to the affected area and is applied in cases where surgery has been positive and there is possibility of blood flow.

The treatment antibiotic rarely needed forever. It is used preventively or curatively for cases of infected or gangrenous wounds with susceptibility of suffering. Antibiotics will be administered intravenously.

As we know gangrene is a serious condition of our body so we should take immediate treatments for it.


aliena josph said...

Gas gangrene is the most life-threatening form of gangrene. It occurs in wounds that are infected by a family of bacteria called Clostridium. At least 20 kinds of Clostridium can cause gas gangrene. What makes the clostridia special is that they are anaerobic - that is, they grow best in the absence of oxygen. Because healthy human tissue is full of oxygen, it's rarely bothered by these bacteria. However, when they do grow, clostridia release gas and poisons into the body. This form of gangrene spreads very quickly, and can cause a rapid death.

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