How to prevent muscle cramps

The muscle spasms or cramps occur when a muscle contracts or involuntarily, which becomes rigid causing pain and discomfort. Often arise at night during sleep or during and after physical exercise. Its causes can be several, from muscle fatigue, lack of minerals and vitamins in the diet to bad postures. Besides knowing treat them properly, it is important to know some tips that can help prevent muscle cramps.

How to prevent muscle cramps

Leading a sedentary life and not doing any physical activity is one of the main causes for the occurrence of muscle cramps. In fact, people who do not exercise in your daily routine are prone to muscle spasms more frequently. That is why sport or follow a regular routine of exercise will help you prevent and also enjoy better health at all times.

Yet it is also true that muscle cramps occur regularly during or after physical exercise, which may be due to prolonged exercise or muscle overload. In this sense, there are certain practices that we can take to prevent muscle cramps in training sessions:

  • Prepare the muscles of our body doing a good warming before starting the exercise, and perform stretching exercises at the end, will help prevent muscle cramps or spasms.
  • Increase our exercise intensity progressively and gradually. It is also essential not to exercise the body to reach a state of maximum exhaustion. 
  • Avoid physical activity when temperatures are extremely high or low.

Another of the most common causes of muscle cramps is the loss of fluids and minerals from the body. Therefore, it is essential to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Do not forget to consume the recommended daily amount of water (2 liters) and, especially, hydrated with plenty of water and sports drinks to make sport and exercise.

How to prevent muscle crampsWatch your diet is also a key factor in preventing muscle cramps, as its recurrent appearance may be due to a lack of minerals such as potassium, magnesium or sodium in the diet. These minerals are essential to keep our muscles in good shape and regulate the distribution of water in the body.

Try to include in your daily diet foods rich in potassium such as bananas, legumes, green leafy vegetables and nuts, and rich in magnesium such as brown rice, soybeans, dry beans, wheat bran or oat, sunflower seeds, etc. It is also good to consume foods high in vitamins C, D and E.

At bedtime, try not to take bad posture. Remain long with poor posture may involve muscle contractions that lead to the occurrence of nocturnal muscle cramps. This condition also occurs in women who abuse the use of high heels in their day to day.

Finally, a good way to prevent muscle cramps or spasms is by performing massages muscle in those areas of the body in which we usually have. The result will be excellent if we go to a good therapist, but we can also try to make them ourselves if possible.

If we follow the above procedures we will be prevent muscle cramps or spasms problems from our daily life and enjoy a healthy life.

Foods for Healthy and Strong Bones

Having healthy and strong bones is essential at every stage of our life and to achieve this and prevent, to the extent possible, diseases such as osteoporosis, it is important to take care of food and include two essential nutrients, calcium and Vitamin D. Both help to keep the bones in optimum condition and ensure good growth. If you want to know what ingredients you can find, in this article we suggest you through a selection of the best foods for healthy and strong bones.

Foods for Healthy and Strong Bones

The milk and other dairy products like yogurt and cheese are, as we know, one of the main sources of calcium and are essential to healthy and strong bones. Are preferred low-fat dairy products, they are healthier and offer the same or greater calcium intake than the rest. It's recommended daily consumption of 3-4 servings of dairy products, so you can complement or supplement the milk with yogurt and a few ounces of cheese. A highly recommended product today, for lactose intolerant, is soy milk, although it does not contain much calcium, is very rich in vitamin D, essential for the body to absorb calcium and growth bones.

Among the blue fish, find some like salmon, sardines and tuna are excellent for strengthening bones. Its rich content of vitamin D and omega 3 makes it especially good for increasing bone mass, since they increase the absorption of calcium in our body. They are very tasty and healthy food, so do not hesitate to include them in your diet, you can take them in different ways, either grilled, marinated or with salad, pasta, etc.

Another food that helps maintains strong bones are the spinach. In fact, this vegetable dish contributes approximately 25% of the recommended amount of calcium, and also allows us to benefit from their content rich in fiber, iron and vitamin A. Similarly, other vegetables that are good for the care of our bones are broccoli, chard, turnip and cabbage.

Foods for Healthy and Strong BonesNuts such as hazelnuts and almonds are also a rich source of calcium. Besides being great for the strength of our bones, provide an important contribution of vitamin E, iron and protein to our body, so take them without overdoing it a good choice for our health.

The egg yolk contains enough amount of vitamin D and, being one of the more easily incorporate foods in our diet, turns out to be an ingredient that we can use to promote bone density and strengthen bones.

Other ingredients that can be taken daily and that will help us to have healthy and stronger bones are cereals such as oats and wheat. They are ideal to take with milk, yogurt or as a component of salads or other dishes.

Lemon is beneficial for health

There are many foods and natural products that have beneficial properties for the body and the human body. A good example are the lemons that in addition to providing vitamins and minerals, offers plenty of benefits to health and can be used  to alleviate some conditions. In this article we explain in more detail what the benefits of lemon.

Lemon is beneficial for health

Like other citrus, lemon is known for its high content of vitamin C, but also contains vitamins A, E, and B group and various minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus. This will make lemons become a great source for the body's defenses that will help prevent disease.

The lemon helps to eliminate toxins, and also facilitates the movement of the intestines, helping to regulate traffic. This can be taken every morning a glass of hot water with lemon juice.

Furthermore, lemons are beneficial to blood circulation problems, since the active and improvement. Therefore, it will be appropriate in case of hypertension, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and other cardiovascular conditions.

Lemon is beneficial for healthThey can be solved with lemon digestive disorders such as indigestion, slow digestion, lack of appetite, etc. Citric since this improves digestion. This can be taken in juice or as tea.

Another of the benefits of the lemon is the fact of being a great antioxidant, which helps prevent aging of cells and neutralize free radicals.

Another benefit of the consumption of lemon is the fact that citric acid promotes the dissolution of the calcium deposits, as well as kidney stones and gallstones.

Gangrene and your body health

Gangrene is a life threatening conditions that occurs when tissue of the body dies permanently. 

Gangrene and your body health

Causes of gangrene
Blood circulation is an important role in the body organism. In the circulation process of blood contains oxygen and nutrients which are delivered power sources of body. The gangrene is caused by loss of blood supply to a body part that can be external: skin, or Internal: organs, muscles. As a result, this area suffers tissue death so there is no longer outstanding. The area affected by gangrene is detected by bluish / black area, fishy smell of the wound and the loss of sensitivity.

Any kind of conditions which create obstacles of the blood flow to our body is increases the potential risks for gangrene, also included:

Trauma or injury
Peripheral arterial disease
Reynaud’s phenomenon 

Types of gangrene

Primarily there are two types of gangrene are seen, those are dry gangrene and wet gangrene.

Dry gangrene:
It is common types of gangrene are seen to people who are suffered in autoimmune diseases & diabetes. Mostly affects to feet or hand.

Gangrene and your body health

Wet gangrene:
Wet gangrene is found in people who are injured or burns their body in accident. Not to proper blood circulation gangrene affects the injured parts. Wet gangrene is also seen three types: internal gangrene, gas gangrene & Fournier’s gangrene.

Treatments of gangrene

All treatment of gangrene is urgent because the more time of evolution persists, worse prognosis. Generally, you must remove the dead tissue to prevent infection and allow healing of the surrounding healthy tissue. Whatever the treatment, it will require hospital admission and, depending on its severity, a stay in an intensive care unit.
The surgery is very common for cases of gangrene. The goals of this treatment are: remove dead tissue and try to repair the vessel or improve blood flow.

Depending on the level of impact on the circulation and the ability to recover the bloodstream, they can exert two kinds of surgery: the amputation is the removal of the affected body part, this procedure is performed when there is no possibility of recovering the circulation, and the skin graft is the application of healthy skin from elsewhere on the body to the affected area and is applied in cases where surgery has been positive and there is possibility of blood flow.

The treatment antibiotic rarely needed forever. It is used preventively or curatively for cases of infected or gangrenous wounds with susceptibility of suffering. Antibiotics will be administered intravenously.

As we know gangrene is a serious condition of our body so we should take immediate treatments for it.

Foods to Increase Platelets

Platelet function in our body part is essential for the process of blood coagulation. A normal platelet count is 150,000 to 450,000 but different diseases can cause levels fall can cause internal bleeding. A low platelet count is a serious matter that requires medical supervision, but in your diet you could find extra help. In here we give you a list of foods to increase platelets and improve your health.
Foods to Increase Platelets
Low platelets can be caused by severe infections, diseases such as dengue, diseases of the spleen, hemolytic anemia, vitamin K, and most serious diseases like leukemia or the result of chemotherapy treatment, the important thing is to keep the situation under control and try as far as possible to upload more platelets in your body.

Depending on the disease that has caused the decline in platelets a change in diet may be beneficial. It is important to know that in more serious cases such as leukemia these foods do not provide a significant change, however in cases of dengue, anemia or other infections and diseases will markedly.

Faced with a decline of platelets is necessary to eat foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals that help our body to produce more platelets and thus to recover our health.

In cases of anemia is necessary to increase the consumption of iron quickly, because low platelets cause fatigue and drowsiness. You should be included in the diet foods like spinach, the canons, lentils, red pepper, liver and guava, which in Europe can be found in juice.

The carrot, beet and celery are known for its properties to raise platelets in our blood. The best way that you can consume it raw in a salad, as well get maximum of vitamins, however in cases of diseases such as dengue or severe infections where patients are too weak, the best way to eat them is in broth or vegetable cream.

Garlic is also an ideal food to increase platelets, prepare garlic soup or add it to the cream you suggest vegetable (celery and carrots for example).

The vitamin C is a great ally to increase the platelets you can get it from fruits like kiwi, strawberries, orange, and lemon. A good suggestion for patients who are weaker is administered in a refreshing juice.

In addition to your diet there are other steps you can take to improve your knowledge about blood platelets and if after a blood test your platelets count has gone altered should consult a specialist immediately to determine the source of the decline.

Throat cancer and your health

Throat cancer is one of the most common, and although detected early healing expectations are 90% in most cases the disease takes to be discovered, so it is important to know a little more about it, your symptoms and risk factors. Here explain what the early signs of throat cancer are and give you all the basic information about this disease.

The throat cancer can start in this area and extend to the vocal cords, larynx, esophagus, the lower part of the neck, etc. Once you leave this area and is spreading to other organs of the body the prognosis becomes more complicated, hence the importance of detecting it early and stop their advance.

A major risk factor in this type of cancer is the habits and environmental factors. Smoking and chewing snuff and excessive alcohol consumption are decisive, but also the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV is a major cause of this cancer. Transmitted through oral sex is a major factor.

Most throat cancer patients are men over 50 years. Eliminate consumption of snuff, regular alcohol intake, eating a healthy diet and using protection during oral sex are the main recommendations to prevent it, however if you are active or passive smoking annually is recommended to go to a doctor for a review of discarding.

The main symptoms of throat cancer are:

  • Loss of voice or hoarseness that does not improve after 1 to 2 weeks of treatment 
  • Sore throat, even after taking medication does not improve after 1 to 2 weeks 
  • Pain and discomfort in the neck that may be accompanied by lumps in the area 
  • Cough may become bloody at times 
  • Strange sounds and difficulty breathing properly do so can cause fatigue and tiredness 
  • In more advanced cases difficulty swallowing and weight loss

A significant number of cases of throat cancer is complicated by not being detected in time, hence the importance of reducing or eliminating risk factors, comprehensive health checkups once a year and visit a doctor at any sign or symptoms.

Excess vitamin C is harmful to health

Excess vitamin C is harmful to health
Excess vitamin C in the body can be harmful to health and cause kidney problems.

The Vitamin C is a necessary substance to keep our body functioning properly. We require at least 70 to 90 grams for the body to function properly. These quantities are very difficult to overcome, but sometimes possible. But the excess vitamin C is harmful to health! Hearing this are you shocked then clarify this in the below.
Many people indiscriminately ingest high doses of vitamin C, thinking that this will help to prevent colds or other conditions. While artificial vitamin is beneficial for health in reasonable quantities, excessive consumption has negative consequences for health.
Vitamin C cannot be stored in the organism. The excess is excreted in the urine, so it is very rare that a high intake can affect us. However, take 2 or 3 grams more than the recommended dose can cause digestive discomfort, heartburn or diarrhea.
Excess vitamin C is harmful to healthWhile vitamin C is not toxic, constant and excessive consumption can reach cause kidney problems, liver and stomach.
 A research group has found that vitamin oxidant effect as an antioxidant in the DNA, where the human gene. The conclusions were that the consumption of the dose that causes genetic damage experienced part of the DNA, which had never previously been found in research on the antioxidant property.
It is best to try to get this vitamin c naturally and you avoid taking supplements for your health safety. 

Cellulite and Your Skin Health

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is fat that is deposited in pockets just below the skin surface and occurs around the hips, thighs and buttocks. Since it is very close to the outside of the skin, cellulite leads to a dimpled appearance present in these areas of the body.

Cellulite and Your Skin Health

These fat deposits form a pocket under the skin, with the characteristic appearance of swelling and a texture similar to the skin of oranges, so it is also known as "orange peel".

It usually occurs more in women than in men due to hormonal differences, constitutional and physiological in between. Most of the medical community does not see the cellulite as a disorder of health condition, but as a normal condition of many women and some men.

Cellulite is not a disease, consisting of a common skin infection caused by bacteria.

Symptoms of cellulite

The most visible sign of cellulite is called orange peel. Cellulites is seen when the skin surface becomes irregular and starts to have small dimples and bumps.
Other symptoms of cellulites include:
The persistence of the touch marks
Pink skin
Dryness of the skin
Loss of skin softness is becoming more rustic feel

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin problem that affects most women and can be caused by a variety of reasons such as:
Poor blood circulation.
Hormonal changes (estrogen excessive concentration).
Poor lymphatic drainage
Inadequate nutrition
Excess smoking and take drugs or alcohol
Sedentary in life

Treating cellulite

Here are the best home remedies for cellulite we have collected.
Rosehip oil for cellulite
Fucus vesiculosus poultices for cellulite
Ivy and sage compress for cellulite
Almeria compresses for cellulite
Hydrotherapy for cellulite
Horsetail infusion for cellulite
Rosemary for cellulite
Sarsaparilla for retention

Food / diet against cellulite

Cellulite and Your Skin Health As a preventive measure should maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber without excess fat, especially saturated, which tend to accumulate in the blood vessels and impede circulation.
We also were paying attention to the sugar consumption, because these can be raw materials for the manufacture of fat when they are burned in their entirety.

It is also very important to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids (water and fruit juices), but it is also essential to get rid of excess liquid. This requires carrying out a diet diuretic.

 Exercise against Cellulite

Cellulite and Your Skin Health Squats: This is one of the most complete exercises to combat cellulite and, incidentally, work all area below the waist. You spread your legs a little more than the width of your hips, keeping your feet parallel or slightly outward, Contract the abdomen, place you’re back straight and down, making the movement as if you sit down. Do three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise weight lifting with the legs: This is ideal to work it in a gym, but if you have appliances and means to do so, nor hesitate to implement it in your own home. The muscle tone is a major enemy of cellulite. For this reason, make such a localized exercises can be a great solution.

For any purposes in health Prevention is better than cure. We can easily prevent cellulite; just need our awareness to cellulite.

Tips to Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes progressive impairment of memory. It mainly affects the thinking, behavior and character of the sufferer.

With the advancement of the disease Alzheimer, you lose the ability to communicate or make decisions and completely change his/her personality when he/she is unable to remember how to perform the basic activities that were used or when, even in the later stages is unable to recognize their closest relatives. According to the Alzheimer's Association, about 5 million Americans suffer from this disorder. 

Tips to Prevent Alzheimer

Still do not know the exact cause that causes it, but it is known that advanced age, family history and the injuries sustained in the head are strongly related. Other modifiable factors, such as poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and lack of mental gymnastics can be triggers of the disease, so prevention is the key for Alzheimer.

Here gives some Tips to prevent Alzheimer.

Balanced diet with less fat, more vegetables:
Recent studies have shown that consumption of high amounts of vegetables of green leaf and fruit antioxidants, such as blueberries and strawberries, and eliminating fried foods and fats saturated, significantly reduces the risk of memory-related problems. And help to prevention from Alzheimer. Foods like chocolate, the green tea, the beans, the fish blue and fruits dry, rich in fatty acids Omega 3, are considered protective of the brain.

Tips to Prevent Alzheimer

Physical Exercise:
Make exercise is the most powerful means to prevent the disease from Alzheimer and improve brain function, says the latest report from the Mayo Clinic. According to the agency, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, is 32% more likely to develop brain-related diseases, compared to if exercised five times a week? The reason is that physical activity oxygenates all the cells of the brain, activates the connections of neurons and promotes the release of neurotransmitters that promote motivation, creativity, memory and learning.

Active your brain:
Tips to Prevent AlzheimerThe most important key to prevent the degeneration of brain function is to keep your brain in permanent activity and activate those parts less used. To do this, you can try to do everyday activities with closed eyes, most often using their dominant hand, daily crossword puzzles or change things from the usual place as a gym for this important body.

So maintain a balanced diet, do regular physical exercise and active your brain more can help to release from the Alzheimer.

Banana and potato juice is healthy for ulcers

Banana and potato juice is perfect home remedy to combat ulcers.

Gastric ulcers are usually a fairly painful, complex and nobody wants to deal with regularly. For this reason, some natural elements become crucial to combat them. Try this banana and potato juice.

Banana and potato juice is healthy for ulcers

The gastric ulcers are really complicated and no need for me to tell you what they're for those who suffer regularly. What I can tell you is that there are many home remedies to treat them. They may not be panaceas, no definitive cures nostrums. No, that's not what I can suggest. But at least one good palliative juice help you not only to feed you better, but to ease the pain causes you damn ulcer daily. And when you see the ingredients, you will surely agree that evil cannot make. Try it and feel relax from ulcers.

A banana
A potato
A handful of peeled almonds (five or six) 
Two or three dates
Half cup of chamomile tea


Wash the potatoes and cut into chunks. Then place it in the juicer, peel and all, no problem. Extract the juice and place in the bowl of the mixer, where you'll add dates, almonds, bananas and chamomile infusion. Bate preparation until you liquefied stay a homogeneous good, you do not have any lumps. Now, since I can drink and even take two or three of these a day if really bothers ulcer. Try to do short sips, with pause and calmly. 

How does Banana and potato juice

First, the potato juice and starch will give freshness to the ulcer that is leaving you alone, causing them to suffocate those fires that you generate inside. The potato produces a similar effect. The dates and almonds are also often recommended in this type of digestive issues. Meanwhile, chamomile generates inflammation throughout the digestive tract and also working to get everything back to normal. Course, Banana and potato juice is not the only option you have to try, you can also try these other home remedies for stomach ulcers.

Prevent Skin Cancer from Sun Exposure

UVA rays of sunlight can cause the appearance of skin cancer from sun exposure

With summer comes the good the good weather and the beaches are filled with people eager to soak up the sun and get a tan skin tone, which has its risks, and that over-exposure to ultra violet (UV) rays is directly related to the appearance of carcinomas. Here given some tips to prevent skin cancer from sun exposure:

Prevent skin cancer from sun exposure

Avoid sun during the midday hours
UVA rays are strongest between 12:00 h and 16:30 h, so we recommend that you avoid direct exposure to them during this time of day. If you have to go outside in sun exposure then used sunscreen properly.

Do not expose your whole body to the sun
The more parts of your body expose it to sunlight, the more likely you are to develop skin cancer. To avoid this, use long sleeve loose clothing (linen shirts & cotton pants). Not only blocked the UVA ray, but also help you beat the heat.

Cover your head
Especially if you have short hair, nothing worse than sunbathing summer without any protection. Do not cut; use a hat or a cap, also effective to prevent heat stroke.

Use sunscreen
And not worth to use either, you have to use one that fits your skin type, i.e. your skin type. You have to be aware that using sunscreen is one of the most effective measures to combat the harmful effects of UVA rays, and thus skin cancer. Apply it half an hour before sun exposure and renew the application every two hours or after swimming. 

In the water is more risky
For very refreshing that results take a dip in the pool or in the sea, do not think that water protects you from UVA rays. Moreover, in some cases, the reflection of sunlight on it can enhance its harmful effects. The best way to protect against UVA rays in these cases is to use a sunscreen. Do not forget that the radiation can penetrate up to a meter in clear water areas.

Taking care your child from Sun exposure
The little ones are much more sensitive to solar radiation than adults, so it is necessary precautions extreme. They must resort to baggy clothing to caps and hats and, once again, to the sunscreen. In any case, one must start from the premise that no child under three years must be directly exposed to UVA.

Are you taking any medications?
If so do not forget to consult the prospectus, as certain medicines increase skin sensitivity to UV radiation, making sunbathing is much more dangerous. If you have any doubts talk to your doctor or your pharmacist, they will advise you better than anyone.

Where you go on vacation
The sun's rays affect much more in the areas of the Earth near the tropics and Ecuador, so if you are traveling to a destination that is in the area should be especially careful when exposing yourself to the solar radiation. Moreover, you also have to keep in mind that, as altitude increases, so does the strength of solar radiation. To give you an idea, for every 300 meters 4% increases the strength of UVA. From this we conclude that people in the mountains veraneen the same precautions must keep facing the sun than those who do on the beach.

UV booths
The self-tanning booths can become harmful to health if they do not have all these considerations into account. Even before undergoing protecting a tanning session like this is necessary to do so as infrequently as possible, and that UVA affect with great intensity on the skin.

Beware of burns from sun
If after taking the sun notes any skin lesion is important that you stop exposing yourself to UVA come up soon and the dermatologist. The sunburn may be the first indication that solar radiation has damaged epidermis. Moreover, the tone cobra skin tan when exposed to the sun is a defense of it against UVA rays.

Enjoy your summer time and take care your skin from the frequent sun exposure.

Foot Care in Summer

With the arrival of summer and the heat gets too sensitive for our health, like others parts of the body, foot also create uncomfortable situation. Due mainly to the change in type of footwear as new weather our feet may experience some problems. We go from closed to open footwear, plus without socks or stockings that largely protect the feet.

Foot Care in Summer

Common Problems of Foot in Summer

Chafing and blisters:
They are one of the most common problems. The first is due to the friction of bare skin against the new shoe or sandal and may even cause injury. The latter have the same etiology, but in this case, instead of lacerate the skin, it rises liquid accumulating beneath.

Excess sweating:
At the bottom there are a lot of sweat glands and in some people who sweat excessively high humidity occurs that leads to secondary problems such as cracks between the toes.

Excessive dryness of the skin:
The wearing of feet into the air and high temperature cause more dry skin this time of year. This is particularly evident in the heel area; the edges appear whitish due to lack of moisture and accumulation of hyperkeratosis (skin hardness).

Fungal skin infections:
During the summer there are a number of ideal conditions for fungal infections. The most typical of all is the Athlete's Foot, which appears in the fingers and causes skin red, dry and flaky. Sometimes also cracks or blisters may appear.

Tips to Overcome the Foot Problems 

It is very important to choose suitable footwear: comfortable, breathable, soft and airy with a sole buffer at the same time flexible. This prevents a considerable extent the occurrence of chafing and blisters.

In the event of a rash should be disinfected and covered with a dressing. If a blister is what has occurred, it must go through with a fine needle to drain the liquid, pressing on it, disinfected and covered with a dressing. You have to let the skin comes off by itself when the epidermis is fully regenerated.

For the sweating you can opt for products that regulate perspiration. There deodorants (not prevent moisture, only deodorized) and antiperspirants that clog the pores to some extent by leaving the sweat, controlling moisture. You must read its instructions and follow them to the letter to avoid further problems.

Foot Care in Summer

Since excessive sweating may cause cracking toes. In these cases we apply an antiseptic on them to facilitate healing and prevent infection, in addition to seeking dry off well between the toes after showering and use a desiccant such as talcum powder before cal-zones. It is to prevent the continued use daily and closed footwear.

The Athlete's Foot, a typical problem in summer, is a fungal infection caused by a concentrated moisture extreme sweating feet. It is usually cured with anti fungal and consistently in treatment. To avoid this it is advisable:
Use slippers or rubber slippers pools, saunas, gyms and public areas where it is in direct contact with moisture.

Wear shoes allowing perspiration, preferably leather or natural materials.
Never share towels or footwear.

Daily hygiene of the feet, drying them thoroughly especially between the toes
Another frequent problem is the papilla virus infections (plantar warts) that abound in warm, moist areas such as swimming pools, gyms, saunas, etc. They are very common in children. With the use of appropriate flip-flops in these places is prevented contagion. Appear if you should see a dermatologist for treatment.

Summer must duplicate the skin hydration to prevent drying problems, which are much more evident in summer. It is recommended to apply moisturizers, preferably in the evening to avoid increase sweating during the day. Also recommend the use of a file or pumice stone and rough areas of your feet a couple of times a week, with the goal of eliminating the accumulation of hyperkeratosis or hardness of the same. 

Following the tips you should take care your foot in summer.

Help your Hair growth naturally

Hair growth naturally

Hair loss is a common problem for men & women, many of them spend more time and money to protect their hair, so it is necessary to know techniques to achieve hair growth naturally, without spending more times and money.

Hair growth naturally

One of the techniques recommended to get hair to grow naturally is to apply olive oil before washing in the morning, another option is to combine the mixture of aloe and honey, for that you should remove the pulp to several leaves of Aloe Vera, mixed with honey and apply this mixture to the scalp, this stays in the hair for twenty minutes and then wash it, you can cut an onion and add it to your everyday shampoo, let it sit for fifteen days and then use it normally, this will help to grow hair fast and shiny.

A good diet can help in the process of achieving hair growth, for example in the morning you can have breakfast a mixture of one tablespoon of soy lecithin, a tablespoon of wheat germ, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of brewer's yeast and a yogurt, you mix all the ingredients with yogurt and breakfast this every day along with what normally eat breakfast, in a period of one week you should start to see results.

When cooking potatoes keeps the water used and the same day use it to rinse your hair.

Although its primary use is not for this, birth control pills help hair grow faster, so it takes about fifteen pills and put them in a plastic bag and crush them until they become a powder, the powder and pour it takes the bottle of shampoo you use, you mix well and let stand for at least a day, after that you will use the shampoo regularly.

Following the above techniques you will see how your hair growth naturally

Migraine and Food Selection

Migraine and your Food selection

Migraine can be defined as a severe headache, usually unilateral, accompanied by gastrointestinal signs and other visuals. It is a very common discomfort in women, common among the young adult population. Its causes are many, but the family history seems to have much of the responsibility.


Some reports indicate that there are certain foods that are triggers of migraine symptoms in people who suffer from frequent episodes. However, this condition is so complex that it has been observed that not all persons with the same symptoms food or to consume the same quantities of them.

Four nutritional recommendations for people with migraine:

Keep mealtimes sorted and avoid spending more than three hours without eating. This helps to maintain stable blood glucose levels and avoid drastic reductions sugar for the brain, with the consequent dizziness, fatigue and headache.

Avoid eating too many sweets. Many sweet foods such as chocolates, candies, jellies, honey, corn syrup, desserts and preserves are related with the onset of migraine symptoms. Avoiding them can help not only with these headaches, but also with their weight.

Stay away from alcoholic beverages. Besides its hypoglycemic effect, i.e., they can produce significant decreases in blood sugar; alcohol containing favors the onset of migraine symptoms. Do not drink wine, beer, vodka, whiskey, or any other beverage of this kind.

Migraine and food selection

Pay attention to these foods. The following list corresponds to foods that commonly favor the occurrence of migraine attacks:

  • Ripe banana 
  • Chocolates 
  • Pickles and canned food 
  • Sour cream 
  • Nuts and seeds 
  • Peanut Butter 
  • Coffee and black tea 
  • Sausages: salami, bacon, ham, sausages, etc. 
  • Cheeses mature cheddar, Gouda or Edam 
  • Condiments artificial seasonings, packaged soups, chutneys

Foods are essential for our living, but sometimes they create some problems for our bad health condition or influence some diseases elements. If we are careful about food selection then it will help us to control some uneven problems like migraine.

Teeth Whiten Tips

How to Whiten Your Teeth

The snuff, coffee, tea, cola, etc, all are products that stain our teeth. Other factors, such as age or the genes themselves, also contribute to color our teeth. Learn how to keep them white with these tips.

Keep your teeth clean

Nothing better to keep our teeth turn yellow to maintain them clean. Use proper oral hygiene: brush your teeth three times a day, one after each meal. The mouthwash is also very helpful in keeping our teeth clean.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

Limit consumption of certain foods and products

Reduce consumption of foods and products that stain our teeth: coffee, snuff, wine, cola, tea, etc. Preferably, after taking each one of these products please brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

Bicarbonate and water 

The only effective home remedy for teeth whitening is to mix baking soda and water into a paste and rub our teeth with it. However, this remedy is not always effective. Keep in mind that the teeth have three layers: the outer, also known as enamel, the average, also called dentin and internal. Bicarbonate and water using only be effective to clean the enamel, that is, the inner side of the tooth.

Go to the dentist

When the stain the teeth have broken through the outer face thereof and have reached the dentin, you will have no choice but to go to the dentist. Dentin is enclosed by small little tubes that are actually stained and give that yellowish look to the video. Clean these tubes on our own are impossible. Your dentist perhaps would undergo a treatment based on a gel of car-amide-peroxide or hydrogen-peroxide. After this treatment is done you should follow the instructions of your dentist in your home or outsides.

Pasta bleaching

Whitening toothpastes, as occurs with baking, are only effective to clean the outer surface of the teeth. However, they are effective in maintaining clean dentin tubes after being subjected to a bleaching treatment at the dentist.

By following these tips you will keep your teeth whiten and never get sham to smile in front of all.

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