Diet for Healthy Weight

Weekly Diet for Healthy Weight

If you a person concern that you are thin, you may follow this diet chart to gain healthy weight.

Diet for healthy weight
1 coffee with skimmed milk, churros and 1 orange juice.
Potatoes cooked to taste, baked fish with salad and 2 tangerines.
Bread with olive oil and tomato and 1 cup low-fat milk.
Mashed potatoes, filets and 1 slice pineapple.
1 coffee with skimmed milk, 1 slice of bread and 1 fruit juice.
Seafood paella, salad and 1 custard.
1 yogurt with nuts.
Tortilla soup, baked fish with potatoes and 1 pear.
1 plain yogurt with honey or sugar, cereals, seasonal fruit or nuts.
Lentil soup, eggs any style with lettuce and cheese.
1 serrano ham sandwich.
Cream of carrot, cod nuggets and 1 fruit juice.
1 cup low-fat milk with chocolate, toast with olive oil and tomato juice and 1 fruit.
Avocado salad and dumplings with vegetables.
Plantain chips with hot chocolate.
Julienne, fried chicken with tomato and grapes.
1 coffee with skimmed milk, biscuits with jam and 1 orange juice.
Rice with vegetables, chicken with apple and 1 fruit yogurt.
1 bread with paté and 1 fruit juice.
Kiwi and strawberries with cream cheese, roma calamari and 1 pear.
1 coffee with skimmed milk, toast with butter and honey and 1 fruit juice.
Vegetable salad with a serving of meat and cheese and peach in syrup.
Fruit plate with yogurt.
Egg and spinach with tomatoes and 1 sherry custard.
1 plain yogurt, cereal and 1 banana.
Vegetable salad, salmon with mashed potatoes and 1 kiwi.
Cottage cheese with honey.
Chicken breast and vegetables and low-fat milk 1 cup.

Also include those:

  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.
  • Add bread to the main meals.
  • Avoid to eat fast food.
  • Sleep at least 6 hours in a day.
  • Regular physical exercise.


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