Help your Hair growth naturally

Hair growth naturally

Hair loss is a common problem for men & women, many of them spend more time and money to protect their hair, so it is necessary to know techniques to achieve hair growth naturally, without spending more times and money.

Hair growth naturally

One of the techniques recommended to get hair to grow naturally is to apply olive oil before washing in the morning, another option is to combine the mixture of aloe and honey, for that you should remove the pulp to several leaves of Aloe Vera, mixed with honey and apply this mixture to the scalp, this stays in the hair for twenty minutes and then wash it, you can cut an onion and add it to your everyday shampoo, let it sit for fifteen days and then use it normally, this will help to grow hair fast and shiny.

A good diet can help in the process of achieving hair growth, for example in the morning you can have breakfast a mixture of one tablespoon of soy lecithin, a tablespoon of wheat germ, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of brewer's yeast and a yogurt, you mix all the ingredients with yogurt and breakfast this every day along with what normally eat breakfast, in a period of one week you should start to see results.

When cooking potatoes keeps the water used and the same day use it to rinse your hair.

Although its primary use is not for this, birth control pills help hair grow faster, so it takes about fifteen pills and put them in a plastic bag and crush them until they become a powder, the powder and pour it takes the bottle of shampoo you use, you mix well and let stand for at least a day, after that you will use the shampoo regularly.

Following the above techniques you will see how your hair growth naturally


Anand chopra said...

Natural hair product really helpful but this is a very important thing that every person should remember that you should not go for chemical products that consists of harmful products that can damage the scale and the hair.

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Julia Rachels said...

Nice post about hair regrowth. BTW, do yuo accepts for free guest post?

Sy Masada said...

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jhon Baker said...

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Allan Horian said...

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Angela Navejas said...

The natural treatment for hair growth is an best idea to get rid off hair fall problems.

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Angela Navejas said...

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peter scot said...

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